Bost: No Friend of Hard Working Families

Bost:  No Friend of Hard Working Families
Supports Trade Deal That Will Cost Jobs & Lower Wages
Opposes Increased College Aid; Current Medicare System

Belleville—Upon winning today’s Democratic congressional primary, CJ Baricevic said Congressman Mike Bost (Ill-12th CD) was “no friend of hard working families” and that
Bost’s support of unfair trade deals, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), would cost the District thousands of jobs and lower wages.

Bost voted for TPP fast-track authority on June 16, 2015, which passed 218 to 208.

“While the top 1% has gotten richer, too many families are struggling. I will be a Congressman who puts the interests of hard working families first—not Washington special interests,” said Baricevic, who was born in the District, worked at Granite Steel, and is a labor attorney.

“Unlike Mike Bost, I will oppose trade deals that are good for Wall Street and big corporations—but are bad for working families. Our district lost 4000 jobs to unfair trade in 2015, yet Mike Bost voted for the Trans–Pacific Partnership—which will ship even more jobs abroad and lower wages here at home,” said Baricevic.

A March 3rd report by the Economic Policy Institute, a non-profit independent think tank, showed that due to currency manipulation and unfair trade practices by 11 Pacific Rim TPP countries, Illinois 12th congressional district lost 4000 jobs in 2015.…

Baricevic said college affordability and protecting Medicare would also be major issues in the race against Bost.

“Unlike Mike Bost, I support expanding Pell Grants and lowering interest on college loans because too many families and students are going into massive debt to pay for college. And I oppose Mike Bost’s effort to turn Medicare into a voucher system, which would place seniors healthcare at risk and end Medicare as we know it,” said Baricevic.

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