Baricevic Calls on Bost to Stand up for Southern Illinois

Baricevic Calls on Bost to Stand up for Southern Illinois Against Rauner’s Veto of the MAP Grant Bill.

Belleville, IL (February 22, 2016) —CJ Baricevic (Bar-civic), Democratic candidate for the 12th congressional district, today called on incumbent Mike Bost to join him in opposing Governor Bruce Rauner’s veto of the MAP grant bill that would provide needed financial assistance to thousands of college students in Southern Illinois.

“Bruce Rauner’s veto of the MAP grant bill endangers the ability of thousands of Southern Illinois students to attend college. The governor’s unwillingness to compromise on the budget is placing higher education in Southern Illinois at risk for hard working families. I am calling on Congressman Mike Bost, who is a political ally of the governor, to stand up for Illinois students and urge Governor Rauner to stop harming Southern Illinois,” said Baricevic.

“So far, Bost has refused to stand up for the universities, colleges, and college students in the 12th Congressional District. We have students in this district who cannot afford to pay for their education and continue to leave this state to pursue that education elsewhere; this is unacceptable.  Republican Governor Bruce Rauner is withholding vital funding to colleges and universities and their students. He is using both the institutions and their students as pawns in his war against the unions. Mike Bost is refusing to stand up for his constituents in this fight.” Baricevic said. “I support the unions, the students, and every higher education institution in Southern Illinois against Bruce Rauner’s agenda that destroys working families. It is a shame that Mike Bost is allowing his Republican leader to harm Southern Illinois by remaining silent.  This continued failure of leadership at our state and federal level serves no one but Rauner’s political agenda – and Mike Bost is playing a key role on behalf of Rauner in Southern Illinois.”

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission estimates the bill would help fund MAP (Monetary Award Program) by providing grant assistance for 125,000 to 130,000 eligible students, with the average award around $2,700.

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